Methi Squares


  • I like to have some home made snacks after work or for little breakfast instead of store bought full of sugar snacks. And who knows how many years back they were made.
  • This was again accident turned into yummy snack.
  •  I started to make gujju methi muthiya but added little more water. Instead of making muthiya, steamed it in thali.
  • Then pan fried it in little oil.  With green chutney, it became yummy snack.
  • Recipe is same as methi muthiya and there’s plenty online so won’t repeat it. Just addd little extra water.
  • It’s steamed so not so much oil either.
  • Do you make your own snack? If not, may be it’s time to try grandma’s old healthy snacks.
  • Enjoy !

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