Quick indian stir fry

IMG_1633 IMG_1634

  • Most of us don’t eat enough fresh vegetables. And us indians,overcook our vegetables most of the time.
  • Chinese ppl eat lots of fresh vegetables and greens  and we all know how beautiful their skin is. M sure those fresh things play a role in it.
  • This stir fry is easy, quick and tasted great. Anyone can make it. You really don’t need to know cooking for this. And takes less than 10 mins.
  • And don’t give me excuse of “no time”  or “lazy”.
  • Heat little oil (you really need very little), crack mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Add 1 torn red chili.
  • Add chopped veggies. I had golden and green zucchini, colored peppers.
  • Saute on high heat for few mins until it’s little cooked and still crunchy. Keep stirring and don’t cover it.
  • If you didn’t have red chilli then add some crushed pepper now or crushed black pepper.
  • Add little salt when you serve it. It will get soggy if you add before hand. 
  • I had as a side dish with rice and dal.
  • Check your skin next day. Is it glowing? 🙂
  • Enjoy !

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