Nutritious sprouted desi chana


  • Everyone knows sprouts are good and its very easy to sprout at home. You don’t need fancy equipment.
  • Just soak desi chana in water 8-10 hrs. Rinse it and then tie in muslin cloth. Cover it wtih some pot or whatever u have. Reason for covering is, it needs to be in dark.
  • Leave it for 24 hrs and you will see your desi chana sprouting. In the heat of summer, it sprouts very quickly.
  • Sprouts are easy to digest and so good for all age people.
  • I made curry with it.  You do want to cook them first and then make curry or whatever way you want to enjoy them.
  • You can throw them in salad too after cooking. I don’t recommend them raw.
  • I had soaked chana to make dinner but then forgot abt it or went out . So ended up sprouting them.
  • Lesson is : When things don’t go according to your plan, find a way to still make it turn into your advantage.
  • Enjoy !


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