Sabudana in fast?


  • Sabudana is very popular among fasting indian ppl. People use it liberally to make khichadi, vada etc.  So I want ppl to think for a second abt sabudana.
  • Sabudana is mainly starch and not much nutrition value. It absorbs so much oil. 
  • And there’s a you tube video on how sabudana is made. After seeing it, i almost stopped buying sabudana. If you want to see, google it.
  • I had tried to do ekadashi fast and i never ate sabudana. But winter time it’s hard, so i decided to eat sabudana khichadi for lunch. Next day  i felt worse than what i feel eating my regular meals. I felt like i had too much food. Of course, i dropped ekadashi fast.
  • This was just my experience and experiment so do what works for you.
  • Sabudana is good when you are sick and digestion is poor. I remember having sabudana kanji growing up whenever i got sick. It gives body some quick energy. Didn’t know all the science behind it at that time.
  • Pose, think and then continue…
  • I still enjoy my sabudana kichadi once in a while. 🙂

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