Home Made Tortilla – Must Try


  • Have you ever tried to make tortilla home? This was my first time and it’s sooo good. I would never buy at store again. Never liked store bought anyways.
  • We make corn “rotala” at home so it’s not much different. Onlyt thing tortilla needs to be thin and that’s the challange.
  • Recipe for tortilla is always on the pkg.
  • I used Maseca corn flour and followed the recipe on the pkg which is just add salt and water. Used my roti maker to press tortilla. Put dough between plastic or wax papper and press it. Cook totilla on both sides.
  • Made mexican pizza with it…it was very easy to make andyummy !
  • I cook my own beans too. That also makes a huge difference compare to canned ones.
  • If you like mexican food, make from scratch at home. You will see the difference.
  • Enjoy !

Methi Squares


  • I like to have some home made snacks after work or for little breakfast instead of store bought full of sugar snacks. And who knows how many years back they were made.
  • This was again accident turned into yummy snack.
  •  I started to make gujju methi muthiya but added little more water. Instead of making muthiya, steamed it in thali.
  • Then pan fried it in little oil.  With green chutney, it became yummy snack.
  • Recipe is same as methi muthiya and there’s plenty online so won’t repeat it. Just addd little extra water.
  • It’s steamed so not so much oil either.
  • Do you make your own snack? If not, may be it’s time to try grandma’s old healthy snacks.
  • Enjoy !

Reasons to enjoy Indian Sandwich

 IMG_1647 IMG_1646

  • Indian sandwich is a street food we all enjoyed while growing up. And many of us had before/after our exams in college canteens.  Am sure now a days pizza has overtaken good old sandwich.
  • As i was making it today, i realised it actually is a healthy food.
  • Green chutney used as a spread is full of antioxidants. We all know benefits of cilantro and mint.  And it’s topped with just vegetables. If you use a good bread, then it’s a nice healthy treat.
  • It’s a good way to add some greens and veggie to kid’s diet.
  • If you don’t know how to make green chutney, it’s very simple. Grind cilantro leaves, mint leaves, little piece of green chili and some daliya with little water.  Add salt and lemon juice. Little secret: I also added some curry leaves from my plant. Greens are good.
  • If you don’t have daliya, then you can use some raw peanuts or boilded chickpeas. I think it will be ok. Green hummus i guess.
  • Here’s how you fix your indian sandwich: Spread little butter on bread, then chutney. Add boiled and sliced potato, season with salt. Layer chopped cucumber, season with salt. Now tomatoes and salt.
  • On 2nd bread, spread tomato ketchup. That’s it !
  • It’s really good. Flavour comes from chutney.  Mint and cilantro gives it a very good flavour.You can make chutney as spicy as you like.
  • Go ahead and make 1 for yourself. You have my permission. 🙂
  • Enjoy !

Quick indian stir fry

IMG_1633 IMG_1634

  • Most of us don’t eat enough fresh vegetables. And us indians,overcook our vegetables most of the time.
  • Chinese ppl eat lots of fresh vegetables and greens  and we all know how beautiful their skin is. M sure those fresh things play a role in it.
  • This stir fry is easy, quick and tasted great. Anyone can make it. You really don’t need to know cooking for this. And takes less than 10 mins.
  • And don’t give me excuse of “no time”  or “lazy”.
  • Heat little oil (you really need very little), crack mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Add 1 torn red chili.
  • Add chopped veggies. I had golden and green zucchini, colored peppers.
  • Saute on high heat for few mins until it’s little cooked and still crunchy. Keep stirring and don’t cover it.
  • If you didn’t have red chilli then add some crushed pepper now or crushed black pepper.
  • Add little salt when you serve it. It will get soggy if you add before hand. 
  • I had as a side dish with rice and dal.
  • Check your skin next day. Is it glowing? 🙂
  • Enjoy !

Nutritious sprouted desi chana


  • Everyone knows sprouts are good and its very easy to sprout at home. You don’t need fancy equipment.
  • Just soak desi chana in water 8-10 hrs. Rinse it and then tie in muslin cloth. Cover it wtih some pot or whatever u have. Reason for covering is, it needs to be in dark.
  • Leave it for 24 hrs and you will see your desi chana sprouting. In the heat of summer, it sprouts very quickly.
  • Sprouts are easy to digest and so good for all age people.
  • I made curry with it.  You do want to cook them first and then make curry or whatever way you want to enjoy them.
  • You can throw them in salad too after cooking. I don’t recommend them raw.
  • I had soaked chana to make dinner but then forgot abt it or went out . So ended up sprouting them.
  • Lesson is : When things don’t go according to your plan, find a way to still make it turn into your advantage.
  • Enjoy !