A fun experiment with Fitday around nutrition

  • Few years back, i found website fitday.com and liked it very much. It was simple to use, free and didn’t ask me too many questions. I shared with my friend Mary at work. She liked it too. And our experiment began.
  • On fitday, you can put all things you ate and can generate the report of how much vitamins, calories you got for a day, week, month. There are many things you can do but we were interested in nutrition part.
  • We eat our breakfast, lunch and add it to fitday. And we would compare our reports and see what we got so far.
  • If we didn’t get suppose vitamin c, then we will eat orange or some fruit, seeds for zinc, then  add it into fitday and generate report again.
  • We will also plan our dinner depending on what vitamins we are missing.  We also shared our nuts and fruis with each other so we can get our missing nutrition.
  • It was fun and made us realise what we were missing in our regular diet.
  • If you want to know how you are doing, try it out for a week or so and it will give you general idea of what you need to change in your diet.
  • Most of us eat same kinda things every day so it’s good to know what we are missing and fix it.
  • We still talk abt this experiment and how  fun it was.
  • Try it out and see how good you are doing.


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