Spring Salad


  • As we all know, i have been trying different ways to include greens in diet. If you don’t know why, check few of previous posts and you will know importance of green.
  • I like spring mix which has all different kinda tender greens with different flavours.
  • Mango i had cut was little sour so couldn’t eat by itself but a great addition to salad. Creativity always pays off. 🙂
  • Throw some strawberries which are on sale everywhere, tomatoes, some nuts, whatever you have.
  • I am not a fan of all salad dressings. I like little salt, pepper and lemon or vinegar. Why on the earth anyone want to load salad with oil and sugar?
  • Salad with all different flavours tasted great on its own. You really don’t even need salt and pepper.
  • Do you love pizza? Well, have this salad on the side and you will have best of both world.
  • Salad was very filling ,tasty and i really enjoyed salad more than pizza. 
  • Give it a shot  !

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