Why greens ?


  • Today, my teacher gave me book “Healing with whole foods” by Paul Pitchford. As i was browsing thro’ it, section on greens got my attention. Greens were highly praised and book  listed lots of benefits.
  • I had to make a special trip to grocery store to get some spinach b/c after reading all that, i couldn’t wait to get my dose of green.
  • And of course, i wanted to share with you all so that you all don’t miss out anything either. Let me list few things from book:
  • Greens are high in  chlorophyll, no brainer. Chlorophyll has the ability to purify,quell inflammations and rejuvenate.
  • Greens also a good source of carotene.
  • Many toxic effects of environment and common diet need to be encountered with the green color of renewal, according to book.
  • Molecular structure of chlorophyll is much similar to red blood cells except central molecule.
  • Alright, so there are so many things that i won’t be able to write here. But hope you got the point.
  • Am gonna try to experiment with some new asian greens too.
  • Find a way to include some greens regularly in your diet. You can lightly steam and add it to your sandwich or salad too.
  • Some greens are high in oxalic acid so find greens that works for you.
  • Let’s go green ! And remember “Fresh”.


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