A fun experiment with Fitday around nutrition

  • Few years back, i found website fitday.com and liked it very much. It was simple to use, free and didn’t ask me too many questions. I shared with my friend Mary at work. She liked it too. And our experiment began.
  • On fitday, you can put all things you ate and can generate the report of how much vitamins, calories you got for a day, week, month. There are many things you can do but we were interested in nutrition part.
  • We eat our breakfast, lunch and add it to fitday. And we would compare our reports and see what we got so far.
  • If we didn’t get suppose vitamin c, then we will eat orange or some fruit, seeds for zinc, then  add it into fitday and generate report again.
  • We will also plan our dinner depending on what vitamins we are missing.  We also shared our nuts and fruis with each other so we can get our missing nutrition.
  • It was fun and made us realise what we were missing in our regular diet.
  • If you want to know how you are doing, try it out for a week or so and it will give you general idea of what you need to change in your diet.
  • Most of us eat same kinda things every day so it’s good to know what we are missing and fix it.
  • We still talk abt this experiment and how  fun it was.
  • Try it out and see how good you are doing.


Spring Salad


  • As we all know, i have been trying different ways to include greens in diet. If you don’t know why, check few of previous posts and you will know importance of green.
  • I like spring mix which has all different kinda tender greens with different flavours.
  • Mango i had cut was little sour so couldn’t eat by itself but a great addition to salad. Creativity always pays off. 🙂
  • Throw some strawberries which are on sale everywhere, tomatoes, some nuts, whatever you have.
  • I am not a fan of all salad dressings. I like little salt, pepper and lemon or vinegar. Why on the earth anyone want to load salad with oil and sugar?
  • Salad with all different flavours tasted great on its own. You really don’t even need salt and pepper.
  • Do you love pizza? Well, have this salad on the side and you will have best of both world.
  • Salad was very filling ,tasty and i really enjoyed salad more than pizza. 
  • Give it a shot  !

Why greens ?


  • Today, my teacher gave me book “Healing with whole foods” by Paul Pitchford. As i was browsing thro’ it, section on greens got my attention. Greens were highly praised and book  listed lots of benefits.
  • I had to make a special trip to grocery store to get some spinach b/c after reading all that, i couldn’t wait to get my dose of green.
  • And of course, i wanted to share with you all so that you all don’t miss out anything either. Let me list few things from book:
  • Greens are high in  chlorophyll, no brainer. Chlorophyll has the ability to purify,quell inflammations and rejuvenate.
  • Greens also a good source of carotene.
  • Many toxic effects of environment and common diet need to be encountered with the green color of renewal, according to book.
  • Molecular structure of chlorophyll is much similar to red blood cells except central molecule.
  • Alright, so there are so many things that i won’t be able to write here. But hope you got the point.
  • Am gonna try to experiment with some new asian greens too.
  • Find a way to include some greens regularly in your diet. You can lightly steam and add it to your sandwich or salad too.
  • Some greens are high in oxalic acid so find greens that works for you.
  • Let’s go green ! And remember “Fresh”.


Mustard green in besan – spring meal


  • Hope everyone is including fresh greens in diet this Spring. Here’s another idea to include greens.
  • Traditionally this dish is made using methi leaves but you can use any greens. I used mustard greens.
  • Fry some chopped onion, add chopped fresh mustard or any greens you like and cook until greens are cooked.
  • Add ginger-garlic paste, dry spices and salt. Mix some besan(chickpea flour) with water and make a lump free batter.
  • Add this besan batter into cooked greens. Keep mixing. Cover and cook for few mins.
  • Taste very good on its own or with roti too.
  • Instead of besan batter, you can add eggs too.
  • Added some green onion’s green part to mung beans.
  • And mooli(white radish) paratha to go with it.
  • Isn’t it a perfect spring meal?
  • All greens are good for kapha type according to ayurveda and spring is kapha season.

Corn soup – Spring meal


  • Corn soup in moderation is good for all 3 dosha according to Ayurveda. It’s also very easy to make.
  • Boil fresh or frozen corn and blend with water. Keep some corn whole to have something to chew in soup.
  • Heat little ghee and crack cumin seeds. Add blended corn, salt and black pepper powder.
  • Add water depending on how thin you want. If you are trying to loose weight, make it watery.
  • Top it with some green onion to make it spring soup.
  • Methi is in season and good for spring .
  • This combo makes a good spring meal in my opinion .
  • You just need to tweak things here and there to stay in harmony with nature.
  • It’s not hard, is it? Make it fun.  Be creative !