Spring Tips


  • After a long cold winter, now spring is here. Earth is warming up in Spring and we see things sprouting every where.
  • According to ayurveda, spring is ‘Kapha’ season and according to chinese, spring is associated with liver/wood element.
  • To stay in harmony with Spring, we need to include spring onions, green garlic, spinach, methi, mustard greens.. all kinda greens in diet. Fresh peas will be available in March or if you are growing them.
  • Also it’s time for allergies. 1 popular home remedy from india or ayurveda is put a drop of castor oil in both nostrils.  
  • If you are into mudra, try “Bhramara Mudra” for allergies. Here’s a good article on it : http://www.indianetzone.com/38/bhramara_mudra.htm
  • Indian festival Holi is celebrated in March and food we eat around that time like dates, roasted potatoes, corn in holi fire is all kapha pacifying. Our ancients knew what they were doing. If we just pose for a second to think.
  • Sweets aggravate kapha so avoid or limit  all kinda sweets.
  • I made green onion puda for Spring. Will be posting more Spring meal ideas. So stay tune.
  • Enjoy Spring !

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