Dal Banjari from Rajashthan


  • Are you like me whose knowledge of “Banjara” is just from movies? All i know is their beautiful dresses, songs and they move from 1 place to other. Thanks to Bollywood.
  • Today i saw Dal Banjari on Tarla Dalal website and i got curious. Dal Banjari sounds very exotic so  had to try this dal immediately.
  • Here’s the link to recipe: http://www.tarladalal.com/Dal-Banjari-3884r
  • I used urad dal and chana dal.  Recipe says urad dal but her picture looks like whole urad. You can use whatever you like.
  • Dal turned out yummy. I even added ginger slices on top to give it authentic touch.
  • Urad dal being vata pacifier, i think helps  Banjaras settling at new places since they are always on go.
  • If you know your ayurvedic dosha and trying to pacify vata, this dal will be good.
  • Enjoy Dal Banjari and praise Banajaras.

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