Heart on Valentine Day


  • Valentine day is all abt heart, right? Emotion associated with heart is joy. Joy for life.
  • In india, we often say”this or that person has big heart”. When someone is generous sharing his wealth, knowledge or  whatever his/her resources are, we use term “big heart”.
  • When you share, it brings joy to heart naturally.
  • Mudra in picture is heart mudra or apan vayu mudra. Simple yet very effective.
  • On this V-day, try heart mudra with both hands, focus on your heart and experience joy.
  • Heart mudra is also called life saver and can have a first-aid function when used at the first sign of a heart attack according Swami Keshav Dev.
  • Made some cutlets in heart shape and strawberries look like heart and good for heart.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and bring some joy into your life. Don’t wait for others to bring !

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