Gujarati Thali


  • Gujarati Thali has veggie ,roti ,dal or kadhi, kichadi or rice, papad , little kachumbar(salad) and pickle.
  • It’s based on ayurvedic principle of including all 6 taste.Also it’s eaten as lunch.
  • Now a days it’s not possible  but we should still strive to include all 6 taste in our meal atleast now and then.
  • According to Ayurvda, we should have 50 % solid food, 25 % liquid and keep 25% empty. This thali meets  requirement.
  • It’s been snowing here and  very cold so made this hearty thali to feel warm.
  • It’s fun to have little bit of all taste and variety sometimes.
  • Do make your own thali and enjoy !

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