Amba haldar or turmeric


  • Ayurveda was part of life style while growing up. Everyone knew what to eat when and what not to eat or do in certain conditions.
  • 1 of the thing was Amba Haldar which we were told to eat as it cleanses blood. Who wouldn’t want to eat after hearing that?
  • They are available fresh in indian stores now. Just scrape skin, cut into thin slices. Add litter salt and lemon juice.
  • It taste good and has nice aroma too like a unripe mango. That’s the reason it’s called amba haldar. Amba means mango.
  • You just need a little. Buy fresh ones to get benefits.
  • Another is yellow/orange haldar which is just called haldar or turmeric. It has same benefits and you can mix them together too.
  • I don’t know how much it cleanses the blood but certainly worth to include in our diet.
  • Are you ready to buy them now on your next visit? 🙂

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