Spring Tips


  • After a long cold winter, now spring is here. Earth is warming up in Spring and we see things sprouting every where.
  • According to ayurveda, spring is ‘Kapha’ season and according to chinese, spring is associated with liver/wood element.
  • To stay in harmony with Spring, we need to include spring onions, green garlic, spinach, methi, mustard greens.. all kinda greens in diet. Fresh peas will be available in March or if you are growing them.
  • Also it’s time for allergies. 1 popular home remedy from india or ayurveda is put a drop of castor oil in both nostrils.  
  • If you are into mudra, try “Bhramara Mudra” for allergies. Here’s a good article on it : http://www.indianetzone.com/38/bhramara_mudra.htm
  • Indian festival Holi is celebrated in March and food we eat around that time like dates, roasted potatoes, corn in holi fire is all kapha pacifying. Our ancients knew what they were doing. If we just pose for a second to think.
  • Sweets aggravate kapha so avoid or limit  all kinda sweets.
  • I made green onion puda for Spring. Will be posting more Spring meal ideas. So stay tune.
  • Enjoy Spring !

Instant Green Peas Dhokla


  • As we all know, i have become Tarla Dalal fan lately and have been trying her “unique” recipes. This is 1 of them.
  • All gujjus love Dhokla and we are popular for our dhoklas. So i had to try this recipe. Did i tell you i am gujju? 🙂
  •  Green peas dhokla is high in fiber due to peas and very filling. And instant !
  • If you are trying to cut back on rice consumption, this has no rice flour.
  •  It’s a good breakfast option. Or as a side dish too.
  • Recipe here: http://www.tarladalal.com/Green-Peas-Dhokla-(-Non–Fried-Snacks–)-33267r
  • I added fresh lemon juice instead of citric acid and also added 2 tsp home-made yogurt.
  • Dhokla came out really well. I will be making again and will feed to my guests too.
  • Do try it out ! It’s very simple to make.

Dal Banjari from Rajashthan


  • Are you like me whose knowledge of “Banjara” is just from movies? All i know is their beautiful dresses, songs and they move from 1 place to other. Thanks to Bollywood.
  • Today i saw Dal Banjari on Tarla Dalal website and i got curious. Dal Banjari sounds very exotic so  had to try this dal immediately.
  • Here’s the link to recipe: http://www.tarladalal.com/Dal-Banjari-3884r
  • I used urad dal and chana dal.  Recipe says urad dal but her picture looks like whole urad. You can use whatever you like.
  • Dal turned out yummy. I even added ginger slices on top to give it authentic touch.
  • Urad dal being vata pacifier, i think helps  Banjaras settling at new places since they are always on go.
  • If you know your ayurvedic dosha and trying to pacify vata, this dal will be good.
  • Enjoy Dal Banjari and praise Banajaras.

Heart on Valentine Day


  • Valentine day is all abt heart, right? Emotion associated with heart is joy. Joy for life.
  • In india, we often say”this or that person has big heart”. When someone is generous sharing his wealth, knowledge or  whatever his/her resources are, we use term “big heart”.
  • When you share, it brings joy to heart naturally.
  • Mudra in picture is heart mudra or apan vayu mudra. Simple yet very effective.
  • On this V-day, try heart mudra with both hands, focus on your heart and experience joy.
  • Heart mudra is also called life saver and can have a first-aid function when used at the first sign of a heart attack according Swami Keshav Dev.
  • Made some cutlets in heart shape and strawberries look like heart and good for heart.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and bring some joy into your life. Don’t wait for others to bring !

Amba haldar or turmeric


  • Ayurveda was part of life style while growing up. Everyone knew what to eat when and what not to eat or do in certain conditions.
  • 1 of the thing was Amba Haldar which we were told to eat as it cleanses blood. Who wouldn’t want to eat after hearing that?
  • They are available fresh in indian stores now. Just scrape skin, cut into thin slices. Add litter salt and lemon juice.
  • It taste good and has nice aroma too like a unripe mango. That’s the reason it’s called amba haldar. Amba means mango.
  • You just need a little. Buy fresh ones to get benefits.
  • Another is yellow/orange haldar which is just called haldar or turmeric. It has same benefits and you can mix them together too.
  • I don’t know how much it cleanses the blood but certainly worth to include in our diet.
  • Are you ready to buy them now on your next visit? 🙂