Try “food combining” theroy

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  • Have you heard abt food combining? Ayurveda also has food combination theory.
  • Basically it’s abt keeping starch and protein separate since starch needs alkaline medium to digest and protein needs acidic. That’s the basic i have been trying to experiment with.
  • So good lunch is rice with all vegetables and dinner is protein rich dal or beans with roti.
  • There’s much more to this theory but this is the basic concept i have been trying.
  • And it does seem easier on digestion.
  • We indians love our dal and rice but that seems to be  a “NO” . Mung dal is an exception is what i have heard so khichadi is ok.
  • I  am not giving up on my dal-rice but i don’t eat it everyday either.
  • Try it out for few days , see how you feel and have your own experience.
  • Here’s a good site i found :