Mooli paratha with carrot chutney


  • Do you know that Mooli or white radish also called daikon has lot of medicinal values ?  It’s so much praised in asian countries.
  • There’s a chinese saying “when radishes come onto the market, nobody will go to the pharmacies“.
  • It helps with digestion , diuretic and detoxifying. There’s much more to it. But that was enough for me to try white radish.
  • In india, we make salad with it by adding little salt and lemon juice.  I made paratha with it for a change.
  • Parathas are generally eaten with yogurt and pickle but  don’t want yogurt in this cold weather. So made carrot chutney.
  • Carrot chutney is inspired from Tarla Dalal recipe. Season little oil with mustard seeds and add shredded carrot, chopped garlic, chilli powder, lemon juice and salt.
  • Cook it little bit and that’s it. Easy breezy and you get dose of carrots or Vitamin A.
  • Did i give you enough reasons to include white radish in your diet? 
  • Unless you have a medical reason not to eat white radish, try it out.
  • Merry Christmas !

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