Knitted hat and why hobbies ?


  • This is my very 1st knitted hat. I had knitted some simple scarves few years back but hat seemed too complicated at that time. Checked some you tube videos and now suddenly it seemed very simple. Finally made one and i think it turned out good considering it’s 1st one.
  • This hat made me do this post.  So why hobbies are important? There are countless benefits to it.
  • First of all, all repetitive movements like knitting, crochet, cross stiching,embroidery etc is very therapeutic. If you can’t get rid of something from your mind, this hobbies help you focus and relax.
  • It will help you get through testing times in life and when you look back, you will forget abt all so called bad things but will remember all wonderful things you created.
  • You learn new things and it helps keeping brain active too. No brainer, right? When you learn enough, you can teach others and also they make nice gifts.
  • If there’s anything you always wanted to learn, it’s never too late. With internet and you tube videos, you can pretty much learn anything in the comfort of your home.
  • Have you heard “Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar” ? We don’t want to go there so why not be creative and learn something new ?
  • My next hat is already in process !
  • Mandala painting/coloring is another good thing.

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