Mooli paratha with carrot chutney


  • Do you know that Mooli or white radish also called daikon has lot of medicinal values ?  It’s so much praised in asian countries.
  • There’s a chinese saying “when radishes come onto the market, nobody will go to the pharmacies“.
  • It helps with digestion , diuretic and detoxifying. There’s much more to it. But that was enough for me to try white radish.
  • In india, we make salad with it by adding little salt and lemon juice.  I made paratha with it for a change.
  • Parathas are generally eaten with yogurt and pickle but  don’t want yogurt in this cold weather. So made carrot chutney.
  • Carrot chutney is inspired from Tarla Dalal recipe. Season little oil with mustard seeds and add shredded carrot, chopped garlic, chilli powder, lemon juice and salt.
  • Cook it little bit and that’s it. Easy breezy and you get dose of carrots or Vitamin A.
  • Did i give you enough reasons to include white radish in your diet? 
  • Unless you have a medical reason not to eat white radish, try it out.
  • Merry Christmas !

Knitted hat and why hobbies ?


  • This is my very 1st knitted hat. I had knitted some simple scarves few years back but hat seemed too complicated at that time. Checked some you tube videos and now suddenly it seemed very simple. Finally made one and i think it turned out good considering it’s 1st one.
  • This hat made me do this post.  So why hobbies are important? There are countless benefits to it.
  • First of all, all repetitive movements like knitting, crochet, cross stiching,embroidery etc is very therapeutic. If you can’t get rid of something from your mind, this hobbies help you focus and relax.
  • It will help you get through testing times in life and when you look back, you will forget abt all so called bad things but will remember all wonderful things you created.
  • You learn new things and it helps keeping brain active too. No brainer, right? When you learn enough, you can teach others and also they make nice gifts.
  • If there’s anything you always wanted to learn, it’s never too late. With internet and you tube videos, you can pretty much learn anything in the comfort of your home.
  • Have you heard “Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar” ? We don’t want to go there so why not be creative and learn something new ?
  • My next hat is already in process !
  • Mandala painting/coloring is another good thing.

Spiced Cheddar Cheese Puffs – A friend’s post

  • My friend and also a wonderful co-worker Dave  brought this puffs to potluck and i liked it so much that i asked him to write a post for “justlunchideas”. Over to him…


  • I found this recipe in the Parade magazine from my Sunday newspaper.  I thought, great, finally an easy idea for the company potluck lunch!  One that doesn’t require heating up in the old microwave of a tiny break room after sitting through a 2 hour meeting.  Jackpot!  They are fun little cheesy biscuits that surprise you with unexpected Indian spices.  One helpful hint:  Parchment paper is not the same as wax paper.  Don’t make the mistake of putting wax paper in the oven as I did.  🙂
  • Here’s the recipe link :

Oil free gujju breakfast – khichu


  • Khichu is a popular and regular gujarati breakfast in some homes. It wasn’t in mine but i had it recently at a friend’s place. And i loved it. It was awesome and very filling. I don’t know what/how it was made but google “khichu” and there are plenty of recipes.
  • I am becoming a Tarla Dalal fan lately and have found her recipes pretty good so  tried her khichu recipe:–Fried-Snacks-)-33307r
  • It’s quick to make and very very tasty. Doesn’t need any oil.
  • I did drizzle little olive oil but you can skip and keep it totally oil free.
  • You can use millet, corn , rice flour to make khichu too. Try new flours that you haven’t used before.
  • One i had at friend’s place had “pickle or methi masala” on top with oil. I had no pickle masala but if you have it, try it.
  • Jowar flour is gluten free so if you are trying gluten free diet, then this would be a good option.
  • Enjoy !

Green peas paratha


  • Do you like simple recipes that needs few ingredients, no planning, easy to make and of course tasty and healthy? This peas paratha fits the bill.
  • Microwave frozen peas according to instruction and mash it well. Important to mash it well else peas will come out like mine in the picture.
  • Add finely chopped green chillies and salt. Heat “little ghee” (ghee only since it gives good flavour)and add cumin seeds, peas mixture. Make sure no water left.
  • For dough, i use half indian whole wheat flour and half Arthur King’s whole wheat flour.
  • Roll, cook paratha like you always do.
  • I had it by itself and it was yummy.
  • Enjoy !