Cranberry potato curry


  • Everyone loves potato curry, right? Why not combine it with cranberry and kill 2 birds with 1 shot?
  • If you missed why cranberries, check  “Cranberry dal and kidney” post.
  • I generally make potato curry with tomatoes so  replaced tomatoes with cranberries and magic happened. It was really tasty.
  • Here’s general guideline: Fry some onion until golden brown. Add ginger-garlic paste and all dry spices, salt.
  • Add chopped potatoes and water. Now throw some cranberries in it. Cook until potatoes are done.
  • Tada…it’s done. Simple, isn’t it? Tasty, seasonal , healthy etc etc. Oh and cheap too. Potatoes 5 lb for $2 and cranberries are on sale everywhere. Unless you are in india, onions are very cheap too.
  • I had with jowar(sorghum) roti and it was a perfect gujju meal.
  • Enjoy !

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