A century with butternut squash cutlet


  • First of all, “justlunchideas” is making a century with this post. Isn’t that amazing? Thank you all for all encouragement and my teacher Pradip who always inspires me, shares his ideas and knowledge freely.
  •  I hope everyone who makes a visit here, is finding something useful ,entertaining and a new insight. I am def enjoying sharing my experiments.
  • Back to food…It’s still fall and gotta continue all winter squash experiments. Today i made cutlet with butternut squash and it turned out pretty good.
  • Pressure cook, roast , steam or however you want to cook your butternut squash. Remember “Fresh” .Mash it. No need to add potatoes.
  • Everyone knows how to make cutlet so just add your spices, steamed veggies like peas, corn, green beans, flour, bread etc etc. and pan fry cutlet.
  • Enjoy with ketchup !
  • See…It’s not hard to keep up with nature.

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