Millet paneer paratha


  • 1 of my favorite hobby is to browse recipes while watching TV.  Y’day i came across this wonderful stuffed paratha recipe from Tarla Dalal and it was an unusual combination of millet and paneer so i had to try it asap.
  • Generally i modify things but this time i followed all steps except i didn’t add methi leaves in dough. Next time i will def add.
  • To my surprise, this paratha tasted sooooooo good. Just on it’s own. No need of anything else.
  • It’s hard to roll millet but it was so worth it.
  • Tarla Dalad def knew what she was doing here and no wonder her recipes are so popular. 
  • I would highly recommend this recipe. Here’s the link :
  • Millet is eaten in india during winter months since it’s warming in nature. Also millet is glutten free.
  • So this winter do try out this millet paratha.
  • Thank you Tarla Dalal for this wonderful recipe.

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