Navratri lunch


  • It’s been pouring here today and so wanted to have something warm to eat. 
  • So what did i do? Cooked apple. Ayurveda anyways doesn’t recommend raw apple. Cooked apple is better but then it depends on individual. Today i felt like cooking.
  • You can cook it on stove top until mushy if you like or like me, cook in microwave for 2 mins with little water sprinkled.
  • Top it with some chopped nuts. You can add raisin too if you are allowing yourself.
  • After taking picture, i added some chopped banana and it was delicious.
  • I have started to enjoy this fast. First 2 days were little hard, had headache but now am normal. Yes, normal. 🙂
  • This would be a good breakfast any day not just in a fast. Even in ekadashi, it will be good.
  • Tip: Make sure as you are fasting, you are not constipated.  And drink plenty of water as your body is detoxifying. Good to drink water first thing in the morning . Have some fiber rich fruits.
  • Confession: Today i had cardamom tea since it’s raining.  Hey, i listen to my body and my own inner voice.

Navratri dinner

IMG_1133 IMG_1134

  • I know it looks little burned…but hey, it still tasted great. When you are really hungry, everything taste good. Now since i clarified myself…let’s talk abt recipe.
  • Last year, i tried to make rajgira bhakari and it was a challenge since i didn’t want to add potato into it. So i found a good alternative, dosa.
  • Just add water, sindhov salt and cumin seeds  to flour . Keep batter thin like rava dosa batter since you won’t be able to spread it.  Keep batter 10-15 mins if you have time.
  • When you pour batter, let it spread on it own or move pan to spread it.  Cook like any other dosa.
  • It’s so much easy to make this dosa than bhakari and very less oil needed.
  • I had 1st day with potato and yogurt. And next day, i made date kheer. Yep, dosa and date kheer. Match made in heaven. 🙂
  • For date kheer, grind some dates and boil with milk.  Add some chopped nuts,cardamom powder and  sugar if needed.
  • Tip: Did you know Rajgira (Amaranth) flour is gluten free and so easy to digest. No wonder our seers allowed it in fast.

Navratri fast guidelines

  • Navratri is staring on Saturday and many ppl will be fasting or feasting. 
  • Fasting creates space in the body and so changes energy. When season is changing, it’s a good time to fast. Navratri is a perfect time to fast since from summer we are entering into fall and getting ready for winter. Spring is a good time too.
  • I fasted last year for the first time and had a very good result. Am fasting again this year. Thought would share what i did and hope it will be useful for readers.
  • So what did i eat? Fruits, milk, home made yogurt, nuts(salt less) all day. And for dinner i had potato cooked with cumin seeds and rock salt (sindhov salt) with Rajgira bhakari and yogurt.
  • 1 day  i made samo rice and had with yogurt.
  • No salt all day and dinner you can have little bit rock salt. Have  1 vegetable of your choice. Potato or anything u like. I didn’t use any spices except cumin seeds.
  • After 1st day, i had salty taste in my mouth and so i hardly used any rock salt there after. Body was going thro detox.
  • I survived for 5 days and it was wonderful. I can’t wait to start.
  • I may post my dinner recipes this year. Whatever you do, keep it simple.
  • Happy Navratri !

Healthy routine

  • Many times am asked what do i do to keep weight in check and stay healthy.  Want to share what all i have learned from different sources.
  • It’s just an everyday habits that makes a difference.
  • These are just my ideas and what i try to follow. Do according to your medical condition and your own need.
  1. First thing in the morning, drink water.
  2. Ayurveda recommends daily oil massage with sesame oil. Take shower after 15 mins.
  3. After meal , do take a walk. Atleast 10 mins or worst case 100 steps. It helps with digestion.
  4. Chew food well. This one is emphasised in india very much. Remember our stomach doesn’t have teeth.
  5. Have a salad with your largest meal of the day. Yogi’s roasted salad i posted here:  would be a good option.
  6. Try not to combine starch with protein. So for example eat rice with lots of vegetables in lunch and beans,dals with roti(wheat) for dinner.
  7. Life gives life. Anything we consume had to be alive at some point. So eat fresh food as much as possible. It’s said you should consume food within 2 hrs after making it.
  8. We all know late night dinners are not good . Try to have dinner as early as possible. In india, some ppl eat their dinner before sunset and don’t eat anything after sunset.
  9. Spend atleast 5 mins everyday doing things you enjoy. Could be painting, reading, playing musical insturment etc etc.
  10. For women, We need more iron rich food. Try to eat cooked spinach, avocado, apples, fresh carrot juice and most of the beans have lot of iron too. Cook beans fresh, not canned. And  add fresh lemon juice on bean curry since  Vitamin C is needed to absorb iron. And lemon will help digesting beans too.
  11. Of course, I always recommend yoga. Check out the i-book “Life is Yoga – Beginner’s view” By Pradip B Bulsara if you like to get started.

Will keep updating this as i learn more or remember more things….

Red eggplant

IMG_1131 IMG_1132

  • Have you ever seen red eggplant? I saw first time y’day at farmer’s stand near my work. They were grown local. A big plus point and also they looked cute so bought some.
  • They almost look like persimmon. Don’t they?
  • Didn’t find much info when i googled for it. Bummer…
  • My friend told me she cooks eggplant with sambhar masala and i liked her idea.
  • I just used all dry masala and added sambhar powder. That’s all.
  • They are little sweet and taste just like any other eggplant. Only thing, it had too many seeds. May be i should have tried to remove some.
  • If you find them, do try.
  • Tip: Eggplant is heating in nature according to ayurveda and so in india, ppl with heart burn /acidity problems don’t eat them.