Acorn squash curry


  • Nature provides everything we need all the time. In  Fall, there are plenty of pumpkins, squashes which has right things to help us go thro’ season change without any problem. If we just follow nature…
  • All winter squashes are hard from outside and hence are hard to peel. Baking is a good option but it takes time.
  • I found this easy way to cook them. I cut acorn squash into just 2 halves and then pressure cooked.
  • I was hoping to have some pieces but it all became mushy.  Guess i cooked too much. Well, no problem.
  • Seasoned with some mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves. Added only dry spice powders.
  • Also added some corn so there’s something to chew in curry.
  • Acorn squash has very mild flavour, little sweet and creamy.
  • You can use puree in different ways. Be creative…i have plenty of ideas what all i can do with it now.
  • Cook fresh whatever way you like but do include it in your diet this Fall.
  • Remember “Fresh”. 

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