Pinto bean soup with seaweed


  • I cooked some pinto beans to make mexican and so had cooking water left.  Cooking water is full of nutrition so how can i throw it away? Is cooking water even right word?  You know what am talking abt. That’s all matters.
  • I am lazy so  soup has to be quick without fuss. Crack some mustard seeds, cumin seeds in little oil and pour your nutrition rich pinto water in it.
  • Now let your imagination guide you and add whatever you fancy.
  • I added some  fresh grated ginger, rasam powder, curry leaves.
  • Also since it’s fall, we need something that will help with drying fall weather. So i added few seaweed. I have a pkg of seaweed which is basically dried seaweeds and once you add it to water, they will hydrate again.
  • Seaweeds are salty so adjust salt after adding them. May be you won’t even need extra salt.
  • You know how our present actions decide our future. Same way how we treat our body will decide our health in the future.
  • Hot soup in cold weather. What more do  you need at this moment?
  • Enjoy  Fall !


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