Breaking navratri fast


  • Tonight, i broke my fast. I wasn’t hungry or craving, but felt i was done and after this point, there’s not gonna be any benefit.
  • I was debating between khichadi and mung bean soup and finally ended up with mung bean soup.
  • Mung bean soup is detoxifying so thought would be good to give 1 last boost to fast.
  • Also microwaved some broccoli with little water. Sprinkled little salt. Wanted to add some fiber to meal hence broccoli .
  • It was a perfect meal and food tasted so good. Taste buds are sharper after fast.
  • Neither broccoli nor mung bean soup tasted this good before. 🙂
  • Mung dal khichadi with lots of vegetables will be a good option to break fast too in my opinion.


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