Navratri lunch


  • It’s been pouring here today and so wanted to have something warm to eat. 
  • So what did i do? Cooked apple. Ayurveda anyways doesn’t recommend raw apple. Cooked apple is better but then it depends on individual. Today i felt like cooking.
  • You can cook it on stove top until mushy if you like or like me, cook in microwave for 2 mins with little water sprinkled.
  • Top it with some chopped nuts. You can add raisin too if you are allowing yourself.
  • After taking picture, i added some chopped banana and it was delicious.
  • I have started to enjoy this fast. First 2 days were little hard, had headache but now am normal. Yes, normal. 🙂
  • This would be a good breakfast any day not just in a fast. Even in ekadashi, it will be good.
  • Tip: Make sure as you are fasting, you are not constipated.  And drink plenty of water as your body is detoxifying. Good to drink water first thing in the morning . Have some fiber rich fruits.
  • Confession: Today i had cardamom tea since it’s raining.  Hey, i listen to my body and my own inner voice.

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