Navratri dinner

IMG_1133 IMG_1134

  • I know it looks little burned…but hey, it still tasted great. When you are really hungry, everything taste good. Now since i clarified myself…let’s talk abt recipe.
  • Last year, i tried to make rajgira bhakari and it was a challenge since i didn’t want to add potato into it. So i found a good alternative, dosa.
  • Just add water, sindhov salt and cumin seeds  to flour . Keep batter thin like rava dosa batter since you won’t be able to spread it.  Keep batter 10-15 mins if you have time.
  • When you pour batter, let it spread on it own or move pan to spread it.  Cook like any other dosa.
  • It’s so much easy to make this dosa than bhakari and very less oil needed.
  • I had 1st day with potato and yogurt. And next day, i made date kheer. Yep, dosa and date kheer. Match made in heaven. 🙂
  • For date kheer, grind some dates and boil with milk.  Add some chopped nuts,cardamom powder and  sugar if needed.
  • Tip: Did you know Rajgira (Amaranth) flour is gluten free and so easy to digest. No wonder our seers allowed it in fast.

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