Navratri fast guidelines

  • Navratri is staring on Saturday and many ppl will be fasting or feasting. 
  • Fasting creates space in the body and so changes energy. When season is changing, it’s a good time to fast. Navratri is a perfect time to fast since from summer we are entering into fall and getting ready for winter. Spring is a good time too.
  • I fasted last year for the first time and had a very good result. Am fasting again this year. Thought would share what i did and hope it will be useful for readers.
  • So what did i eat? Fruits, milk, home made yogurt, nuts(salt less) all day. And for dinner i had potato cooked with cumin seeds and rock salt (sindhov salt) with Rajgira bhakari and yogurt.
  • 1 day  i made samo rice and had with yogurt.
  • No salt all day and dinner you can have little bit rock salt. Have  1 vegetable of your choice. Potato or anything u like. I didn’t use any spices except cumin seeds.
  • After 1st day, i had salty taste in my mouth and so i hardly used any rock salt there after. Body was going thro detox.
  • I survived for 5 days and it was wonderful. I can’t wait to start.
  • I may post my dinner recipes this year. Whatever you do, keep it simple.
  • Happy Navratri !

3 thoughts on “Navratri fast guidelines

  1. Having rice(grains) during fasting is not recommended though it’s an individual choice. It’s considered as good as breaking the fast.

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