Healthy routine

  • Many times am asked what do i do to keep weight in check and stay healthy.  Want to share what all i have learned from different sources.
  • It’s just an everyday habits that makes a difference.
  • These are just my ideas and what i try to follow. Do according to your medical condition and your own need.
  1. First thing in the morning, drink water.
  2. Ayurveda recommends daily oil massage with sesame oil. Take shower after 15 mins.
  3. After meal , do take a walk. Atleast 10 mins or worst case 100 steps. It helps with digestion.
  4. Chew food well. This one is emphasised in india very much. Remember our stomach doesn’t have teeth.
  5. Have a salad with your largest meal of the day. Yogi’s roasted salad i posted here:  would be a good option.
  6. Try not to combine starch with protein. So for example eat rice with lots of vegetables in lunch and beans,dals with roti(wheat) for dinner.
  7. Life gives life. Anything we consume had to be alive at some point. So eat fresh food as much as possible. It’s said you should consume food within 2 hrs after making it.
  8. We all know late night dinners are not good . Try to have dinner as early as possible. In india, some ppl eat their dinner before sunset and don’t eat anything after sunset.
  9. Spend atleast 5 mins everyday doing things you enjoy. Could be painting, reading, playing musical insturment etc etc.
  10. For women, We need more iron rich food. Try to eat cooked spinach, avocado, apples, fresh carrot juice and most of the beans have lot of iron too. Cook beans fresh, not canned. And  add fresh lemon juice on bean curry since  Vitamin C is needed to absorb iron. And lemon will help digesting beans too.
  11. Of course, I always recommend yoga. Check out the i-book “Life is Yoga – Beginner’s view” By Pradip B Bulsara if you like to get started.

Will keep updating this as i learn more or remember more things….

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