Red eggplant

IMG_1131 IMG_1132

  • Have you ever seen red eggplant? I saw first time y’day at farmer’s stand near my work. They were grown local. A big plus point and also they looked cute so bought some.
  • They almost look like persimmon. Don’t they?
  • Didn’t find much info when i googled for it. Bummer…
  • My friend told me she cooks eggplant with sambhar masala and i liked her idea.
  • I just used all dry masala and added sambhar powder. That’s all.
  • They are little sweet and taste just like any other eggplant. Only thing, it had too many seeds. May be i should have tried to remove some.
  • If you find them, do try.
  • Tip: Eggplant is heating in nature according to ayurveda and so in india, ppl with heart burn /acidity problems don’t eat them.

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