Dabeli sandwich

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  • Dabeli is very popular in some part of Gujarat and it is very very spicy. Well, i never liked when i was in india. Away from india, it’s a different story.
  • Traditionally it’s made with buns with layers of garlic, sweet, green chutneys, potato mixture and topped with some spicy mixture or spicy peanuts.
  • I tried easy sandwich. Yeah, call me lazy.
  • Added Badhshah dabeli masala to boiled poatoes. Add some cilantro, lemon juice, salt and whatever you want to add. Dabeli masala is the key. It has a distinct flavour.
  • You can do seasoning  with mustard or cumin seeds, add potatoes mixture and cook it for few mins too.
  • Put a layer of potato mix on a whole wheat bread.Top it with spicy mixture from indian store or mix mixture in potato mix.
  • Roast in sanwich roaster.
  • Have it with any chutney of your choice or ketchup.
  • Yum !


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