Pear a day in fall


  • Fall is the time when air is dry, days are warm and nights are cooler. According to chinese medicine, fall is a season associated with lungs.
  • And pear is good for lungs. Pear clears heat, moistening and clears phlegm from the Lungs.
  • Last fall when i got sick and had dry cough, my acupuncturist recommended me  pears and it did work.
  • Found a good article here abt pears :
  • There are lot of different kinda pears so find a kind you like or like me, try it all.
  • There are always recipes but i like to just eat them raw. Keep them on the counter few days after you buy them. So it will be nicely ripe.
  • Stay healthy with pears in Fall and don’t fall sick.

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