Gluten free dosa/pancake


  • One of my friend is trying out gluten-free diet and so i keep thinking of new gluten-free easy recipes. Obviously this was an experiment and turned out pretty good.
  • Singoda (water chestnut flour) and Rajgira(Amaranth) flour, both are gluten-free. I used 1 cup singoda and 1/2 cup rajgira but i think  you should be able to use any combination.
  • Add 1 spoon plain yogurt,water, salt and cumin seeds. Mix well. There shouldn’t be any lumps. You can add cilantro, green chilies whatever you like.
  • Make dosa usual way. They don’t turn out crispy but soft.
  • Both of this flour we use in fasting too. So instead of making fried puris and halwas, try this simple dosa.
  • Fasting this navratri will be easy with this dosa now. 🙂


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