Fig Halwa


  • Lots of figs every day and so new recipes continue….best investment I ever made is fig tree. Doesn’t need any care at all and gives me plenty of fruits to enjoy in august.
  • That’s called “Effortless effort”.
  • Roast little rava in salt less butter or ghee. Puree fresh figs with just little milk. Once rava is roasted, add pureed figs and cook until all water was gone.
  • Add sugar (Figs are naturally sweet so need less sugar) and cook until all water is gone again.
  • Add cardamom powder and decorate with chopped nuts.
  • Turned out pretty good. A keeper recipe for lazy me since it was very quick.
  • Instead of cardamom, you can add fennel seeds too. Fig and fennel seeds is a very good combination.

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