Eggless pear ginger bread


  • Who doesn’t love to bake breads? I love it. It’s very simple and fun. I like to try all different fruits in bread. Had never tried pear before.
  • I first googled and checked few recipes. They all are wonderful. But i like to make it egg less. So followed my own method of throwing things that appeals to me.
  • Here’s what i ended up doing. Chopped pear, marinated in sugar, butter , added some chia seeds and freshly shredded ginger. Also added mixture of homemade yogurt + milk.
  • Used half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose. Added baking soda, baking powder. Threw some golden raisins into it.
  • Generally when you bake egg less, it’s hard to slice. But I have observed that adding chia seeds bind bread nicely. Almost like eggs. Soak 1 tsp chia seeds in water or milk before adding to bread. They absorb so much water so if you don’t soak, your bread will be very dry.
  • Baked until golden brown.
  • Result is sweet pear ginger bread. Ginger gave it a very nice flavour.
  • Sweet start to saturday morning with a cup of hot tea and pear ginger bread.
  • We all have our favourite banana bread recipes so tweak it to include different seasonal fruits and stay in harmony with nature.




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