Bihari Pitha

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  • One day while chatting with  my friend “A”, she mentioned pitha she had while growing up.  It sounded interesting and so we decided we will make some day.
  • Today  was gonna be rainy day and so i knew i would just stay inside. So i called her in the morning  and asked her if she would like to make pitha today.  She liked the idea and we made a plan.
  • She made dough just like roti but little soft. I soaked chana dal for few hrs.
  • Grind chana dal with few red chillies, garlic and cumin seeds. Add salt and turmeric powder to it.
  • She made small rotis just tapping with hand and filled with dal mixture. Close the corners.
  • Steam it for 20 mins. Cut and server with chutney or can have just like that.
  • We had it with coffee and we both enjoyed it very much. It has earthy flavour of chana dal.
  • There are few recipes online so google if you need more info. I have tried to give an outline.
  • If you have anything on the list that you want to try, get together with a friend and enjoy making and eating. Make it a fun and relaxing time.
  • Trying new things is good for brain. 
  • Am sure my brain made few new connections today. 🙂



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