Spicy zucchini pancake


  • 3/4 cup wheat flour and 1/4 cup besan is what i used. Add shredded zucchini, red chilli powder or crushed pepper or chopped jalapeno or whatever you got for spiciness (we are flexible ), turmeric powder, cumin seeds, salt and pinch of soda. I also added chopped cilantro leaves. You can add kasoori methi too instead.
  • Leave it for 20-30 mins for all flavours to mingle.
  • Make your pancake or puda or dosa or whatever you want to call it.
  • I have been using this Lodge iron pan for a while now and i really love it.  Non stick gets spoiled fast and there’s always controversy whether it’s good or not and how long should u keep it.
  • This iron pan was pre – seasoned and things do cook better and taste better too. Also any iron that goes in food is extra benefit.
  • And what i love most is “no need to clean”. 🙂  Just wipe it off if there’s any food particles and store. There’s lot of info on using iron pots,pans if you google it.

Tukmariya lemonade


  • First of all, tukmariya and chia seeds are different.
  • Tukmariyas are  cooling and so are used in summer drinks. In india, it’s used in falooda. Falooda is a very rich drink  so i made lemonade to use tukmariyas. I always loved them in falood, my favourite drink.
  • Soak 1 tsp tukmariyas for abt 30 mins in room temp water. They should bubble up like in picture. Now add fresh lemon juice, sugar and pinch of salt. Add more water if necessary. 
  • Optional : Add mint leaves or roasted cumin powder.
  • Perfect way to beat hot afternoon. Have this drink instead of hot tea in summer.

Gujarati dinner


  • Typical gujarati dinner is some kinda bean curry what we call kathod rich in protein, rotalo and a piece of raw onion to help digest beans. While growing up, i have seen workers at construction site having same kind of dinner. It was a treat to see those women making rotalas on their hands.
  • In olden times they had figured out all meal combinations and what to eat when. Everyone followed it without questioning. But now us intelligent minds has stopped following all that. There’s no reason to not try all new things but would be  good to keep a healthy balance. Interestingly, olden things that don’t work in today’s world,we still follow it. Isn’t it a  high time we ponder over, experiment before blindly following anything and make our own informed decision?
  • Fresh food is always good and taste great.
  • And Prepared meal should be eaten within 2 hrs.
  • I made split mung dal with ridge gourd and corn flour rotalo. Instead of piece of onion,  just made a little salad with tomato ,onion and pinch of salt.
  • Simple, quick and nutritious dinner in no time.

Corn meal muthiya


  • I had bought coarse corn meal to make upma and then rest was sitting in pantry to be used. I don’t know how i got this muthiya idea but it worked.
  • Season oil with mustard seeds, hing, add ginger-green chilli paste. Add water and boil.  Add slowly corn meal and keep stirring. When all water is absorbed, switch off the stove. I didn’t measure water, corn meal ratio but it has to be at least for 1 cup corn meal, 2 cups water. Go by your own instinct and cooking experience. 🙂
  • Once mixture cools down, make muthiya and steam for 15 mins.
  • With coconut chutney, everything taste great.
  • If you have something waiting to be used, ponder over it and am sure you will also come up with some good recipe.
  • Cooking is all abt being creative.