Oat dosa


  • Oat dosa is very simple, quick, very tasty and you can personalize the way you want it. I don’t need to tell anyone benefits of oat. Everyone knows it, right?
  • 1 cup oat flour + 1/2 cup wheat flour + 1/4 cup rava.  To make oat flour, roast old fashioned oat for few mins and then grind in coffee grinder.
  • Add water, salt, cumin seeds. Make it like any other dosa batter. You can add green chilli, cilantro , spinach or any veggie you like.
  • It’s a good breakfast or have it as a meal with a side of subji and chutney like i did.
  • I find oat dosa very filling and keep me full for a long time.
  • My friend R has started making this and being creative that she is, she adds quinoa too . Roast quinoa and make flour same way as oat.  Be creative and twist it the way you like it but at the same time keep it simple. Don’t complicate recipe or life unnecessarily.
  • Enjoy !

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