Zucchini grillini


  • Cafeteria near my work serves zucchini grillini so got idea from them. You can call me copy cat. 🙂  I modified it according to my taste and what i had in my fridge.
  • First i cooked zucchini slices little bit with salt, italian seasoning and crushed pepper in oil. Then in the same pan saute some red onion, carrots,mushroom,bell pepper with salt and same seasonings.
  • Warm your good quality whole wheat bread little bit in same pan. And now time to assemble it.
  • Spread hummus on bread. Put zucchini slices, vegetables, tomato slices and avocado. Sprinkle some salt on tomato and avocado slices.
  • Do you see in the 1st picture below everything oozing out? Cover it and insert tooth pick.


  • Now looks neat and believe me it was very yummy. I am not a sandwich person but i enjoyed this and had a second serving too. Oops…
  • You can add some spinach or lettuce too but i had none and i don’t believe in rushing to store for 1 thing.
  • Enjoy !

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