Gujarati dinner


  • Typical gujarati dinner is some kinda bean curry what we call kathod rich in protein, rotalo and a piece of raw onion to help digest beans. While growing up, i have seen workers at construction site having same kind of dinner. It was a treat to see those women making rotalas on their hands.
  • In olden times they had figured out all meal combinations and what to eat when. Everyone followed it without questioning. But now us intelligent minds has stopped following all that. There’s no reason to not try all new things but would be  good to keep a healthy balance. Interestingly, olden things that don’t work in today’s world,we still follow it. Isn’t it a  high time we ponder over, experiment before blindly following anything and make our own informed decision?
  • Fresh food is always good and taste great.
  • And Prepared meal should be eaten within 2 hrs.
  • I made split mung dal with ridge gourd and corn flour rotalo. Instead of piece of onion,  just made a little salad with tomato ,onion and pinch of salt.
  • Simple, quick and nutritious dinner in no time.

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