Corn meal muthiya


  • I had bought coarse corn meal to make upma and then rest was sitting in pantry to be used. I don’t know how i got this muthiya idea but it worked.
  • Season oil with mustard seeds, hing, add ginger-green chilli paste. Add water and boil.  Add slowly corn meal and keep stirring. When all water is absorbed, switch off the stove. I didn’t measure water, corn meal ratio but it has to be at least for 1 cup corn meal, 2 cups water. Go by your own instinct and cooking experience. 🙂
  • Once mixture cools down, make muthiya and steam for 15 mins.
  • With coconut chutney, everything taste great.
  • If you have something waiting to be used, ponder over it and am sure you will also come up with some good recipe.
  • Cooking is all abt being creative.

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