Lazy’s meal


  • There are days when you just want to make something quick without lot of fuss. I think this fits the bill.
  • Who doesn’t like Maggie? Add vegetables like carrot, peas, celery, broccoli , spinach etc.  to make it filling and healthy.
  • Khaman dokla made from gits. This is 1 product i like from gits. Easy to make.
  • I know it’s a weird combination but it was a good fun meal.
  • All vegetables make you full so you won’t end up eating too much of khaman either.
  • Eating healthy is not that difficult or boring. Right?

Oat dosa


  • Oat dosa is very simple, quick, very tasty and you can personalize the way you want it. I don’t need to tell anyone benefits of oat. Everyone knows it, right?
  • 1 cup oat flour + 1/2 cup wheat flour + 1/4 cup rava.  To make oat flour, roast old fashioned oat for few mins and then grind in coffee grinder.
  • Add water, salt, cumin seeds. Make it like any other dosa batter. You can add green chilli, cilantro , spinach or any veggie you like.
  • It’s a good breakfast or have it as a meal with a side of subji and chutney like i did.
  • I find oat dosa very filling and keep me full for a long time.
  • My friend R has started making this and being creative that she is, she adds quinoa too . Roast quinoa and make flour same way as oat.  Be creative and twist it the way you like it but at the same time keep it simple. Don’t complicate recipe or life unnecessarily.
  • Enjoy !

Yogi’s roasted salad


  • Idea came from my teacher Pradip and when it comes to food, i do  implement his ideas.   🙂
  • Both chinese medicine and ayurveda doesn’t recommend raw food since it’s hard to digest for most of the ppl and there are other reasons like in Ayurveda, raw food is not good for vata problems since it will increase vata.
  • Solution is to roast or toast them lightly.
  • Chop your vegetables and try to include all colors of rainbow. I used broccoli, yellow-red-green peppers, mushroom, squash, carrot. Sprinkle some almonds  or your choice of nuts.
  • Now roast it in oven or toaster oven for 15-20 mins.
  • Once roasted, add chunks of avocado, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • For seasoning, add white vinegar and black pepper powder. That’s all. Yes, you read that right. NO SALT. You can use fresh lemon juice too instead of vinegar. Vinegar , lemon juice will help with digestion.
  • If you are trying to lose weight then have this salad first and then eat whatever you want to eat.
  • By including all color, you will get all your vitamins.
  • Salad turned out really tasty. Am sure you will like it too. Do try.
  • Have a healthy, tasty, delicious meal and stay healthy.
  • Health is wealth !

Black bean burrito


  • Every one knows how to make black bean burritos but do you use canned black beans? 🙂 Black beans are so easy to cook and home cooked taste so good that once you try, you will never go back to canned version.
  • Dry black beans are also very cheap. Just soak them in water for 5-6 hrs and pressure cook.
  • Saute some colored peppers, mushroom, zucchini and add green chilli if you want it to be spicy. Add pineapple chunks too if you have it. Add salt.
  • I also used whole wheat tortilla . To assemble, add some black beans seasoned with salt, vegetables, few avocado chunks, chopped cilantro,salsa and cheese.
  • Healthy, filling and fun meal ready.

Zucchini grillini


  • Cafeteria near my work serves zucchini grillini so got idea from them. You can call me copy cat. 🙂  I modified it according to my taste and what i had in my fridge.
  • First i cooked zucchini slices little bit with salt, italian seasoning and crushed pepper in oil. Then in the same pan saute some red onion, carrots,mushroom,bell pepper with salt and same seasonings.
  • Warm your good quality whole wheat bread little bit in same pan. And now time to assemble it.
  • Spread hummus on bread. Put zucchini slices, vegetables, tomato slices and avocado. Sprinkle some salt on tomato and avocado slices.
  • Do you see in the 1st picture below everything oozing out? Cover it and insert tooth pick.


  • Now looks neat and believe me it was very yummy. I am not a sandwich person but i enjoyed this and had a second serving too. Oops…
  • You can add some spinach or lettuce too but i had none and i don’t believe in rushing to store for 1 thing.
  • Enjoy !