Big breakfast or lunch?

  • Today i wanna share my views on big breakfast. I have seen ppl having a big breakfast following trend. But we need to think before following anything blindly.
  • First of all, our digestive fire is highest between 12 to 1 when sun is at highest in the sky. And so ayurveda recommends big meal at lunch time.
  • If your work demands physical work than it make sense to have heavy breakfast but most of us sitting at work then heavy breakfast will just make you feel sluggish. I go to work and sit in front of computer. Morning is the time when you have problems to solve , meetings what not. My breakfast around 10 at work is either fruit depending on season like banana or pear or apple or coffee bread or toast with almond butter or some little snack. Something simple and little.
  • Also if you are travelling and don’t know when your lunch will be, good breakfast makes sense.
  • I was reading Mahatma Gandhi’s experiments with natural therapies few days back. He used to eat 3 good meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. He had headache which he was trying to get rid of naturally. And he realised he was eating too much and so he gave up his breakfast. Guess what, his headache went away after that.
  • Most imp, observe how you feel and figure out what works for you.

Blueberry lassi


  • Name says it all – isn’t it? Blueberries, home-made yogurt and sugar. That’s all.
  • Simple drink after work on a hot day while going out to check on plants.
  • I like to keep my drinks simple. It’s easier on digestion on a hot summer days and gives a quick energy boost.

Pretty patty pan squash


  • Patty pan squash not only look pretty but tasted so good too. A farmer comes near my work twice a week and so got this patty pan from him.
  • Today was a hot day and wanted to cook something less spicy and juicy. Wasn’t sure how this curry will turn out but i was amazed with the final outcome.
  • Season oil with mustard seeds, cumin and broken whole red chili. Add tomatoes and chopped patty pan squash. Add turmeric powder, cumin-coriander powder, ginger paste and salt. Add little water, close the lid and cook until soft. Garnish with cilantro.
  • Honestly, I loved this curry. I don’t like yellow squash or zucchini curry. They just get mushy and no flavor. But patty pan held their shape well and it has a good little sweet flavor. This is definitely a keeper and i will be buying patty pan regularly now.
  • Had this curry with roti and side of batata poha.
  • Nice light,filling and  less spicy meal.

Tuvar methi nu shak + Rhubarb dal


  • Tuvar methi(fresh or frozen pigeon peas and fenugreek leaves) is a very yummy combination and 1 of my favorite combination. Add all indian spices ginger-garlic paste,turmeric,red chilli powder,cumin-coriander powder,turmeric, salt, hing. Add chopped tomatoes and pressure cook for 3 whistles.Everything that cooks in pressure cook is an easy dish for me.
  • Gujarati dal is sweet and sour. We use different kind of sourness to vary taste and depending on season what is available. Tomatoes, tamarind, lemon juice, kokam etc etc. Since rhubarb is also sour,so why not ?
  • Gujju meal with a twist or should i call it fusion gujju meal? What’s in a name? Let’s just enjoy !
  • Methi leaves are little bitter so if  you are not able to eat bitter gourd then start with this to include little bitter taste in your diet.

Master chef inspired Shukto


  • Is anyone watching Master chef india on star plus? Doyel made this bengali dish shukto in 1 of the episode and got lot of praise. I don’t think my shukto will get all that praise but hey, i tried.
  • Shukto had 5 vegetables and bitter gourd is must for shukto is what i am getting. I used her 5 vegetables only. Bitter gourd,carrot, lotus root,cauliflower and green beans. I also used mustard oil and seasoned with panch phoron. I cooked bitter gourd little first since thought it will take a while to cook and then added rest. From here, i deviated from her recipe.
  • I added turmeric powder, ginger paste and salt. She added mustard sauce but they never showed how to make it. Bummer… I soaked mustard seeds and poppy seeds and tried to grind them. They are too tiny to blend with water so it didn’t make good sauce but i still added it.
  • At the end,pinch of sugar. 
  • It tasted fine just like any other curries.  Nothing special though…but it’s a good way to include bitter gourd in your diet.
  • We need all the taste in out diet and now a days we all eat too much sugar so it’s a good idea to include bitter gourd too.
  • Digestion starts in mouth and  we need to experience the bitter flavour not just gulp it. I read somewhere that you need to try at least 10 times to start liking something. So don’t give up on bitter gourd.
  • There are some very popular poems around bitter gourd in gujarati. Something like “Bitter bitter gourd’s benefits are not bitter.” Also “uni uni rotali ne karela nu shaak…”