Big breakfast or lunch?

  • Today i wanna share my views on big breakfast. I have seen ppl having a big breakfast following trend. But we need to think before following anything blindly.
  • First of all, our digestive fire is highest between 12 to 1 when sun is at highest in the sky. And so ayurveda recommends big meal at lunch time.
  • If your work demands physical work than it make sense to have heavy breakfast but most of us sitting at work then heavy breakfast will just make you feel sluggish. I go to work and sit in front of computer. Morning is the time when you have problems to solve , meetings what not. My breakfast around 10 at work is either fruit depending on season like banana or pear or apple or coffee bread or toast with almond butter or some little snack. Something simple and little.
  • Also if you are travelling and don’t know when your lunch will be, good breakfast makes sense.
  • I was reading Mahatma Gandhi’s experiments with natural therapies few days back. He used to eat 3 good meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. He had headache which he was trying to get rid of naturally. And he realised he was eating too much and so he gave up his breakfast. Guess what, his headache went away after that.
  • Most imp, observe how you feel and figure out what works for you.

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