Tuvar methi nu shak + Rhubarb dal


  • Tuvar methi(fresh or frozen pigeon peas and fenugreek leaves) is a very yummy combination and 1 of my favorite combination. Add all indian spices ginger-garlic paste,turmeric,red chilli powder,cumin-coriander powder,turmeric, salt, hing. Add chopped tomatoes and pressure cook for 3 whistles.Everything that cooks in pressure cook is an easy dish for me.
  • Gujarati dal is sweet and sour. We use different kind of sourness to vary taste and depending on season what is available. Tomatoes, tamarind, lemon juice, kokam etc etc. Since rhubarb is also sour,so why not ?
  • Gujju meal with a twist or should i call it fusion gujju meal? What’s in a name? Let’s just enjoy !
  • Methi leaves are little bitter so if  you are not able to eat bitter gourd then start with this to include little bitter taste in your diet.

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