Master chef inspired Shukto


  • Is anyone watching Master chef india on star plus? Doyel made this bengali dish shukto in 1 of the episode and got lot of praise. I don’t think my shukto will get all that praise but hey, i tried.
  • Shukto had 5 vegetables and bitter gourd is must for shukto is what i am getting. I used her 5 vegetables only. Bitter gourd,carrot, lotus root,cauliflower and green beans. I also used mustard oil and seasoned with panch phoron. I cooked bitter gourd little first since thought it will take a while to cook and then added rest. From here, i deviated from her recipe.
  • I added turmeric powder, ginger paste and salt. She added mustard sauce but they never showed how to make it. Bummer… I soaked mustard seeds and poppy seeds and tried to grind them. They are too tiny to blend with water so it didn’t make good sauce but i still added it.
  • At the end,pinch of sugar. 
  • It tasted fine just like any other curries.  Nothing special though…but it’s a good way to include bitter gourd in your diet.
  • We need all the taste in out diet and now a days we all eat too much sugar so it’s a good idea to include bitter gourd too.
  • Digestion starts in mouth and  we need to experience the bitter flavour not just gulp it. I read somewhere that you need to try at least 10 times to start liking something. So don’t give up on bitter gourd.
  • There are some very popular poems around bitter gourd in gujarati. Something like “Bitter bitter gourd’s benefits are not bitter.” Also “uni uni rotali ne karela nu shaak…”


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