Black bean rice


  • It’s a black bean week. I still had some cooked black beans left and made black bean rice.
  • Saute onion. Added tomatoes, zucchini,crushed  garlic, black beans, green onion and then realised i forgot red bell pepper even though it was all cut and ready. What the ? was my reaction. 🙂 Well, went ahead and added and cooked little more. Little chilli powder for that extra kick. Add cooked rice and mix well. Don’t forget salt. Garnish with cilantro. Use olive oil to saute vegetables if you have.
  • Had it with some chips and few slices of avocado sprinkled with salt and lemon juice. You can sprinkle some lemon juice over rice too.
  • I think brown rice will also go well for this recipe and saute vegetable on high heat if you want them crispy.
  • A great meal to make both kidney and hair happy.
  • Story of salt: Why do i keep saying don’t forget salt? Sometime back, i gave a simple recipe of salsa to my coworker. Told him 5 things that went into my salsa that he had loved so much.  He was all set to make it and then i received his text that it doesn’t taste same as your’s. It tastes weird. After a few back and forth texts, i asked him did you add salt? And he said “NO”. I learned my lesson.

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