Mango rhubarb bread


  • “Rhubarb” just the name has some wonderful vibrations. It makes me happy. And rosy pink color of it makes it more attractive.
  • Few years back, i had seen Rhubarb first time at farmer’s market and  tried to make jam from it. But it needed too much sugar and i lost interest. But this spring, i wanted to try again since i have more cooking experience and  i knew what all i could do with it.
  • Rhubarb is tangy so it paired well with sweet mango in this bread. You can follow your favorite quick bread recipe and use “fresh” mango puree and add chopped rhubarb. If you need a recipe, leave a comment and i will post.
  • Rhubarb is used in chinese medicine and 1 of its quality is that its mild laxative.
  • Also has good amt of calcium. 1 cup of rhubarb has more calcium than cup of milk according reader’s digest article i read.
  • Am making more recipes with it so stay tuned. Do make rhubarb bread to make your “ruh” happy.

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