Fig leaf tea


  • I have a 3 year old fig tree in back yard and leaves are very good looking and of course, so does the tree. One fine day, i wondered if leaves are edible and voila, google came up with the answer. Yes, they are edible and actually has lots of health benefits.  They are anti diabetic, can lower the need for insulin and there’s so much more..Google and do your own research. I def will try some recipes but let’s start with tea.
  • I boiled some water and added chopped 1 fig leaf. Simmer it for 10-15 mins. I tried first plain and it tasted ok. It’s not bitter or anything weird. Then i added some honey and it tasted little better or should i say flavourful.
  • I am not a tea person except my indian masala tea. If you like green tea and all exotic tea, do try. If you don’t try, how would know? Always have your own experience.

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